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Did you know? At last night's Board Meeting, we voted to adopt a new mission statement: To provide a healthy environment that promotes teamwork, respect, good sportsmanship and leadership through a positive competitive environment so that our youth will grow into well-adjusted members of the community.
That's why we are here!

2019...get involved!

We are looking for individuals who are willing to step up and make a difference in Suburban Athletics. What are your interests? What are your skills? We want to match those with our current open positions for 2019. Want to know what the positions entail? Want to know who will help walk you the process of learning the job?

Contact for more information.

Already listed 2019 Open Positions include (and more to come):
*Fundraising Coordinator / co-coordinator
* Sponsorship Marketing (co-position to work with *Sponsorship Coordinator)
* Port-o-potty Coordinator (sounds silly, but true!)

*Apparel Coordinator

* Boys 7/8 Commissioner

*Boys 9/10 Commissioner

*Boys 11/12 Commissioner

* Boys Tournament Director

* Girls 7/8 Commissioner
* Website Coordinator (to include website updates, newsletters, facebook communications)
* Registration (computer skills helpful)
* Event workers (enjoy working with people to help support events such as try-outs, registration, etc)
* Board Members

2019 Tournament Registration is closed.  At some levels, we may be still taking registrations so inquire at if interested.  League registration opens mid-November. Please check back then!



Tournament Players Registration Open (League & Tournament)

Tournament Player Registration (must select league and tournament when registering)




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Click on "catcher" to be directed to our facebook site!