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Thank you to all the parents, coaches, sponsors and volunteers who helped come together and make Suburban Athletics a special part of so many baseball and softball player's 2019 summer.

Without us all working together, our organization would not be successful.

Have a safe and memorable remainder of your summer!

2020 Suburban Athletics Important Dates
April 25th - Field Clean-Up Day
May 9th - Opening Day (older)
May 16th - Opening Day (younger)
June 12-14  - 11/12U Baseball Tournament
June 19-21  - 10/12U Softball Tournament
June 26-28  -  9/10U Baseball Tournament
July 17-19  - Girls League Tournament
July 24-26  - Boys League Tournament


2020 Suburban Athletics Inc. 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U Softball Tournament Teams

Suburban Athletics believes in promoting development at all ages and will strive to field teams grouped by birth year when registration and competitive level allows. SAI will do everything possible to allow a player to play tournament softball. Tournament travel teams are a long-term commitment to the organization, the team and to continuous improvement. Commitment to the team will include:

Practices: Indoor practices normally start in January and continue until the weather allows outside work, each coach determines how often/specific team schedule. To be successful at the travel level and get maximum playing time, a player will need to make practices a priority and work outside of practices weekly to maximize skills. This is competitive tournament softball, not all playing time will be equal, each player will be played according to her talents, effort, attitude and contribution to the club.

Tournaments: Each tournament team will participate in ~5 weekend tournaments as selected by tournament coaches in January.

2020 Interested Tournament Team Players Need to do the following:
Send email to of tournament team interest by October 15, 2019 (include name and birthdate) - we NEED to have an accurate count so we can determine the number of teams at each age level.

Official on-line registration will be open October 31 ONLY to those who have notified us by October 15 of interest. The most important step to take NOW is email interest (see above).

Players that are participating on SAI Tournament Teams are required to attend all league practices and games.

Tournament families are also expected to complete volunteer requirements for both league as well as additional volunteer requirement for tournament team participation (home tournament), and a separate tournament fee will apply.

Tournament players will not be allowed to participate on any other club softball team.

Field Maintenance Director -2 Positions (Apprentice)

This is our Field Maintenance Director Rick Leneau's last season with SAI. Prior to that Scott Blashka did an outstanding job for us as well. We are in need of 2 individuals, to help share the fun, who are willing to work with Rick this year and take over the responsibilities in 2021.

Without these positions filled, there is no Suburban Athletics...can you help be the missing puzzle piece?

Contact Rick Leneau to learn more about what the position entails at or suburbanathletics@

It doesn't matter if your son or daughter plays baseball, softball or t-ball, or been out of the league for a few years, signing bonus still applies!

An exciting, behind the scenes job for Suburban Athletics is our Sponsorship Coordinator. A huge thank you to Eric Verbruggen who has held this position. Are you next? If you are interested in learning more about our newly open position for our 2020 season, contact or Jill Carlson 920-420-9520.

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Click on "catcher" to be directed to our facebook site!

To provide a healthy environment that promotes teamwork, respect, good sportsmanship and leadership through a positive competitive environment so that our youth will grow into well-adjusted members of the community
That's why we are here!