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2021 Season Registration is Open!

2021 Season FAQ's

Frequently asked Questions:

Q.  Will there be COVID-19 processes required for the 2021 season?

A.  Yes, Suburban Athletics unfortunately didn’t have a 2020 season but we learned a lot from local organizations and were provided best practices as well as areas that were helpful to reduce density and reduce the risk related to COVID-19 during youth sporting activities.  More details and processes will be provided when teams are formed, including updates specific to coaches and parents of what’s changed.

Q.  Will there be changes to the team sizes?

A.  It is likely that the teams will be smaller, to help reduce player density but allowing the athletes to have more playing time than what was traditional in the past during a non-COVID year.

Q.  Will practices or games get canceled if there is a large community outbreak or sports related outbreak?

A. Suburban Athletics will work with the local health department for any adjustments or changes needed should this occur.

Q.  What team will my athlete play for this summer? 

A.  Teams will be assembled from scratch since we didn’t have a 2020 season.

Q. Where can I find more specific information about my athlete’s level to assist with registration?

A. The Suburban Athletics website contains specific information for the different softball and baseball levels and can be found under the appropriate level tabs at

Q. What if my athlete is interested in playing tournament ball?

A. Register for league play first on the home page of the SAI website.  After you have completed this step, proceed to the softball or baseball tab on the SAI website and register for tournament team.  You will need to register for both of these if your athlete is playing tournament ball.

Former Suburban Athletic Athletes

Check out some of Suburban's past athletes and where they are  now!

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