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9/10, 11/12 Baseball Rule Change regarding 5pm Strohmeyer Game - effective 5/22/17

Effective immediately for all 5:00pm games on Strohmeyer field that are followed by a 7:00pm game:


No new inning shall be started after 6:30pm. 


The goal of this rule is to still make sure the last inning is the unlimited run inning. 


If both coaches and umpire agree the last inning about to be played will extend the game past 6:30, then the coaches and umpire MUST meet prior to the start of that inning and determine the inning about to be played will be the last and the unlimited run rule will go into effect.


The game still can not end in a tie.  If the score is tied, the game will continue to be played inning by inning with an unlimited run rule, regardless of the time.