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SAFETY is our #1 concern, FIELDS are our #2 concern and we don't want to sacrifice either to try to get a practice in.  Reworking a field that has been used during wet conditions is difficult to fix, coaches will be responsible for this.

2018 Important Dates


2018  Dates:

Boys Game Schedule Link:

Girls Game Schedule Link

T-Ball Game Schedule Link

Monday, July 16 8PM Board Meeting SMC

● Friday, July 20th ​through Sunday, July 22nd​ –  Girls league tournament (Ages 7-14)  - O'Hauser Park


● Friday, July 27​th​ through Sunday, July 29th ​- Boys league tournament (9/10 & 11/12) 

    Saturday, July 28 -  7/8 Boys O'hasuer Park

The End of the Season Picnic for 2018 has been cancelled. All awards will be given out at the End of the Season Tournament or the last week of games. Let's make the end of the season a special one!

Everyone is welcome to join Fang and the Timber Rattler gang at 5pm on Friday, July 27 at O'Hauser Park for the "Little League Takeover" event. Games, prizes, fun for all baseball, softball and T-ball fan to enjoy as they also announce a fabulous game being played on Strohmeyer field. What a way to end a great season! Fang is even MORE fun in person! All are welcome!





2019...get involved!

We are looking for individuals who are willing to step up and make a difference in Suburban Athletics. What are your interests? What are your skills? We want to match those with our current open positions for 2019. Want to know what the positions entail? Want to know who will help walk you the process of learning the job?

Contact for more information.

Already listed 2019 Open Positions include (and more to come):
*Fundraising Coordinator / co-coordinator
* Sponsorship Marketing (co-position to work with *Sponsorship Coordinator)
* Port-o-potty Coordinator (sounds silly, but true!)

* Boys 7/8 Commissioner

* Girls 7/8 Commissioner
* Website Coordinator (to include website updates, newsletters, facebook communications)
* Registration (computer skills helpful)
* Event workers (enjoy working with people to help support events such as try-outs, registration, etc)
* Board Members

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Click on "catcher" to be directed to our facebook site!

Suburban Athletics Mission Statement

To implant firmly in youth the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and reverence so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier, and will grow to be good, clean, healthy and trustworthy adults.


Updates 6/18

O’Hauser Batting Cage Policy
In order to accommodate and respect league play, warm ups  and practice, we will be enforcing the following policy:
On Boys league nights (Monday and Wednesday): boys SAI league teams have priority to use the batting cages between 4:30 and 7 and have sole access to cages (approximately 6 teams scheduled to play/ 70 players).


On Girls league nights (Tuesday and Thursday): girls SAI league teams have priority to use the batting cages between 4:30 and 7 and have sole access to the cages(approximately 6 teams scheduled to play/ 70 players). 
Monday through Thursday :
13/14 teams using Larsen field: cage use from 4:00- 4:30 and after 7 May be limited to one cage in order to accommodate the other teams warming up as well.  If league teams are not using the cages prior to 5, they can have access up until a league coach asks for the cages, 
Please work together at all times to help ALL players make the most of our batting cages.
No tournament teams allowed to practice from 4:30-7 on these nights to respect league play. At 7, they may need to also be limited to one cage to accommodate the 13/14 Larsen field team. 

13U 2019 Tournament Team Tryouts will be August 5th.

All players that wish to compete for a position on one of these teams must tryout on Aug 5th at Southview Park.  All groups meet at the batting cage area to start.  Rain date would be Aug 12th.

Neenah Baseball Evaluators will be picking 10 players for each team.  The coach will have the option to pick up 2 more players at a later date.  

Any player that does not make the 10 man roster will have an opportunity to combine with players from other ages and form a 2nd team.  We will do everything possible to give a player that wishes to play tournament baseball that opportunity.  We will also make sure the tournament level of play is appropriate for this group.

We will start with 13U and 14U tryouts at 12pm.  If you are currently on the 13U team Red or Black you do not have to tryout. 

Neenah Baseball Inc. will not be changing their current age deadline of April 30th.  Please tryout for the correct age group. There are no exceptions to these age requirements at 13U-14U level.

13U Born on/after May 1, 2005 but before/on April 30, 2006- also allowed will be those 12’s that have completed 7th grade before next summer.

14U Born on/after May 1, 2004 but before/on April 30, 2005- also allowed will be those 13’s that have completed 8th grade before next summer.

Please email stating player name and age group if you are attending. Please email!

Please show up to the tryouts baseball ready, stretched out, warmed up, and ready to go.  Cages will be open at 8am if you want to come early.

Anyone interested in coaching any of these teams please let Neenah Baseball know by emailing