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Why do we need to fundraise?
Suburban Athletics is a non-profit organization and receives funds via registrations, concessions and fundraisers.  In order to keep registration costs down, fundraisers are heavily relied upon to fund the league's overhead costs and projects.  In addition to uniforms, umpires, sports insurance and field maintenance, the league is dedicated to ensuring the facilities are safe and available for play.

2018 Fundraising Update

Preparations are under way for an exciting fun filled 2018 baseball/softball season. We are thrilled to CALL UP TO THE PLATE some fantastic fundraising options this season from Clubs Choice Fundraising. Numerous delicious products to choose from and ONLINE ORDERING is available. We are extremely excited about our product selection and the opportunities we have to support our players. Clubs Choice Fundraising has taken our league fundraiser … NATIONWIDE!!
WWW.CLUBSCHOICEFUNDRAISING.COM Check this out…… You now have the capability to contact friends and family in other communities and states to let them know about our Fundraiser. ONLINE ORDERS are shipped directly to your customer. You don’t touch a thing. You DO get credit towards our league fundraising goal for every item you sell. Brochure sales and online sales are combined to help you reach your fundraiser goal.  Now …… check this out. How are friends and families going to know about our Fundraiser? Email – text and Facebook are some great ways. If you send 5 emails you will receive approximately $100 in local/national coupons via email. Send 10 emails with purchase – approximately $200. Send 15 emails with purchase – approximately $300. WOW!! HOW COOL IS THAT. But wait there’s more, if your customers purchase items they will also receive valuable coupons in their area. $100 - $200 - $300 based off the number of items they purchase. How will you know how you’re doing online? You can register for your own individual account. (Stay tuned more details coming………..)
FUNDRAISER GOAL We are asking every player sell 12 items. There will be a pro – rated partial buyout of $6.00 per item if you do not reach your goal of 12 total items. For example: if you sell 9 items, you are responsible for a partial buyout of 3 items or $18.00 (12 – 9 = 3, 3 x $6.00 = $18.00) However, we do not think this will be necessary based off the great product selection our Fundraiser is offering. Let’s HIT our goal!!!
PLUS … OUT OF THE PARK INCENTIVES Clubs Choice Fundraising and Suburban Athletics have teamed up for some “out of the park” incentives. EVERYONE CAN WIN!!! Just to give you an idea….. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Box Chocolates, a Drone, CAVU flight certificate, ??Mystery Prizes??, Cash and 2 lb. Rice Krispie Bars. Plus a 48” LEDTV.  If we hit a homerun and our league sells 3000 items or more we will also draw for a pair of BEATS BY DRE. (Stay tuned more details coming ……….)
SALES BROCHURES  Opening Day Fundraiser kick offs  are May 12th and 19th . We will hand out your fundraising packets on Opening Day. (Stay tuned for more details coming ………)  PLAY BALL!!! Contact – Jill Carlson – 920-420-9520 3128 Buttercup RD. Neenah

Buy-Outs (Fundraiser Option)

The alternative option to fundraising is the buy-out. The buy-out for one player is $50, Family is $85.

Checks can be made out to Suburban Athletics and collected during the fundraising timeframe OR clicking image below.

EVERY LEAGUE AND TOURNAMENT PLAYER MUST EITHER COMPLETE THE BUY-OUT OR FUNDRAISE (while a "pre-buyout" option was presented last year, this was not an option for 2018 and buy-out money has NOT yet been collected.)

Please note with check if a family buy-out, which players/teams this family buy-out should cover.


Click the Image Below to Pay your Individual Player OR Family Buyout

Concession Stand

The fact of the matter is that costs of youth sports are continually rising.  Registration fees cover only a portion of the costs of providing youth baseball and softball. The Suburban Athletics Concession Stand provides additional revenue to offset the cost of youth baseball and softball that registration fees fall short of covering.  Suburban Athletics requires that all parents/guardians work in our concession stand for each of their registered players during the seasons.  The concession stand is generally open for every game beginning in May ending in our league tournaments in July. 

Why do I have Concession Stand Duty?
Suburban Athletics is a nonprofit organization run by parent volunteers.  Suburban Athletics relies on all parents to help throughout the year. 

Can someone else work my concession stand duty?
Yes as long as they are age 14 or older.  Children 13 and under are NOT eligible to work concession stand. You can coordinate this coverage through your player’s coach or team parent.