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Website FAQ:

Why do I need to request permission to the team page for coaches/parents?

Our team pages are private so we need to grant permission for coaches and parents.  Once you have been granted the appropriate permission, you will be able to find your team in the Sport Ngin mobile app and will be able to view your team information on the Suburban Athletics website.

What if I forget my password to log into NGIN?

At the bottom of the Login box on the left hand side, use the "Forgot your password?" link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

What if I need to change my email address?

You can change the email address associated with your NGIN user account at any time by accessing your account settings. Just click on your username and select account settings.

Changing your email address does not change your password or any of the access rights to your players, it simply changes the email address that you use to login and the address where your emails are primarily sent.

Can I add additional email addresses so my spouse can receive emails too?

Yes! When you are in your account settings you will see a button that says "Add Email Address."

Will you be selling or giving my email address or personal information to other organizations or companies?

No, in fact, one of the benefits of the new system is that we will actually give your information out to less people since coaches and league personal will be able to communicate directly through the system, thereby eliminating the need to distribute your information.

My spouse didn't receive an email with a login link and I notice that under my player's information that I am the only one with access rights. How does my spouse get access?

If the email information for only one parent/guardian was provided during registration, it is not a problem to add your spouse as a user with rights to your players.

First, have them register as a new user. This will enable them to login to the system. It will also be able to tell them if there was an account created for them, but maybe the email wasn't delivered. Just follow the instructions on the screen.

Once your spouse is created as a user in the system, someone with existing rights to the player has to give them access by authorizing them on the player screen. You can do this after you have logged in by going to player record from the team page. Use the "Provide Access Rights to an Additional User" button to enter the email address your spouse used to create their login.

You will need to repeat that last process if you have multiple players.

Website Instructions for Coaches:


  • If you already have a SPORT NGIN account, login and "Become a Member"
  • If you do not not already have a SPORT NGIN account, please click on the Create an Account link in the upper left corner of the page.
  • Enter a unique Username and Password for yourself (please write this down and keep track of it) and click “Sign Up”.
  • Follow the steps to Activate your account via an email message.
  • You will then need to send an email to the website administrator
  • Send a brief message letting them know that you have signed up at the site - include your name, email address, team name, position (head coach or assistant coach) and contact phone number.
  • If approved, you will then be granted permission to access your team’s home page(s) on the web site. The team’s pages are found under the Team section of the site for your sport.
  • After permission has been granted, you will receive a confirmation reply. Then you can login, go to your team’s page and begin editing the content.
  • When logged in and going to your team’s pages, you will see the Edit Mode tab in the upper right corner. 
  • Click on the Edit Mode tab and use the Page Elements to edit or add Text, Photos, Documents, Events, News Articles, Links, Contact Info, YouTube Videos, etc.
  • Don't forget to add your roster!

Thank you and have fun!

How To Docs

The below documents will help explain some of the common processes for coaches/parents with the website.

Coaches Application - Baseball, softball & T-ball

Coaches Information & Application


A Coaches application must be completed annually by all head and assistant baseball, softball & T-ball Coaches.


To Continue with the application, please use this link: