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Mobile App

Sport Ngin Mobile App:

In addition to the web browser, Sport Ngin also has its own iPhone and Android app simply called "Sport Ngin".  This platform will allow you to follow a specific team and view team pages, game scores, and will notify you when the coach posts a new news item or calendar event.

After installing the app, open the settings and setup an account using the userid you created for Suburban Athletics.  Next, click "Add a Team", and in the search field enter the name of the team (enter this team name exactly as it appears in the website under your league).  You will be given a list of all teams available from Suburban that matches your search criteria and can select which team to follow.  The list of teams you will see is limited to the teams for which you have view access on the website.  If you cannot reach the team page on the Suburban Athletics website, you will not be able to find it on the app.

Access to the team page on the website and on the mobile app will need to be granted.  To get access to your child's team page, ask your head coach to add your Suburban Athletics userid to the list of users who are able to view his/her team page.  If your head coach has questions about how to do this they can contact the Suburban Athletics website administrator for help.

Also, proactive smart phone notifications are only available for news and calendar articles on team pages.  Adding a news article to a league or division page or to the main site will not generate a notification.