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SAI/ Valley Pre Season Small Group Baseball Training

Valley Winter Sessions - Tournament Baseball

Each player is expected to pay prior to the 1st winter session held by their tournament coaches.  Day/Time will be communicated by the tourney coach and this will pay for the 1st 6 sessions.

Players Name (First & Last)
Assist with sessions? (Y/N)

Suburban Athletics is offering options to begin baseball practice this winter. They are all held at Valley Athletics (720 E. Shady Lane in Neenah). You do not need to be a member of Valley Athletics to participate.

Each session is limited to 12 players. Once that session is full, you will be placed on a waiting list as we attempt to get another session started (necessary to have 3 coaches in order to open a new session).

For that evening, please bring bats, helmets, gloves, water bottles and clean tennis shoes (not the snow-filled ones you are wearing to the gym)! Please no cleats and there is no need for catcher's gear for the first practice.

As a safety measure, helmets must be worn at ALL TIMES once bats are out and anywhere in the vicinity (pretty much right after warm-ups end!). Please talk to your players before coming and remind them of the common-sense safety for swinging bats, no horseplay (there are tight quarters in there and screwing around that could cause injury will not be tolerated).

Thank you to all who have offered to lend a hand and help, and the more parent coaches available will only make the practice sessions more successful. The focus for these groups will be to get a jump-start to the baseball season and take the time to help improve skills before the season starts, as well as to have some fun!


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