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Hitters Count

Small Group Catching Instruction

Hitters Count is providing small group catching instruction to catchers who love the position and who want to reach their full potential as catchers in both baseball & softball.  We are currently training catchers between the ages of 9 – 18.

Hitters Count will train the many unique skills that make catching one of the most difficult position to play. Our objectives and drills are challenging to each player’s ability level, starting with the fundamentals, and progressing through advanced skills as ability improves.

Skills Training:

All aspects of throwing technique, Picks, Stance/Receiving, Block and Recover, Pop-up priority, all Bunt plays, signal calling, leadership on and off the field and Tag Plays at home plate. 

Catching sessions will be on the following dates from 10AM – 12PM.







Each session is $45 per athlete.

Click on the following link to sign up.


If you have any questions, please email us at:

Hitters Count Swing Lab (976 American Drive, Neenah)