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Softball Information

2021 Softball League Information & Dates*

*information subject to change

Suburban Athletics Softball Leagues

Softball 1st & 2nd Grades: Players who are finishing 1st & 2nd grades, machine pitch by coach

Softball 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades: Players who are finishing 3rd, 4th & 5th grades, windmill/underhand player pitch at 35’

Softball 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th Grades: Players who are finishing 5th through 8th grades, windmill player pitch at 40’

Monday Night Softball High School: Players who are finishing 9th through 11th grades, windmill player pitch at 43’

Players finishing the 5th grade may play in the 3rd-5th or the 5th-8th league depending on their ability.  Players are expected to play within their grade level. 

Please contact Suburban Athletics ( with any softball questions.

Registration Deadline

March 1st

Players interested in playing tournament softball must register by February 5,  with the exception of 8U.  8U Tournament registration is due by March 1st.

Player Evaluations & League Teams

Player evaluations may be held league participants in grades 3-8. These are NOT tryouts – we are simply getting all league players together so we can create teams with equal levels of talent. Girls playing 1st and 2nd grade league do not need to attend except for the girls interested in playing 8U tournament softball.

2021 Important Preliminary Dates (Dates are subject to change based on facility availability):

  • League Evaluations - TBD
  • Team rosters announced - TBD
  • Week of April 13th: practice begins for players in grades 3-8 (weather permitting)
  • Week of April 27th: practice typically begins for players in grades 1 & 2 (weather permitting)
  • April 24th: Field clean-up day - ALL PLAYERS to report to assigned fields
  • May 15: league opening day and pictures
  • June-July: Monday night softball high school league
  • July 23-July 25: softball league tournament (grades 1-8)

Registration Fees

Registration fees reflect the State of Wisconsin Sales tax that must be paid by the organization.

1st-2nd grade  -  $65

3rd-5th grade  -  $75

5th-8th grade  -  $80

Monday Night Softball High School  -  $100            Steven Gross           

*Once team rosters are created, fees are non-refundable.  Special circumstances will be at the discretion of Suburban Athletics board of directors and/or executive board.

Game Days & Practice Days

League softball games and practices are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will begin between 5:00-7:00 p.m. The Monday night softball high school league will play on Monday nights, usually a double header beginning at 5:00 or 6:30 p.m. The Monday night softball high school league will practice on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00 p.m.

Suburban Tournament Teams

Suburban Athletics tournament softball teams are offered for those players interested in competing at a higher level within their age group. Tournament teams require a greater commitment in that each participant is expected to attend all practices, games, weekend tournaments and other team activities. Teams will typically have practices 1-2 times per week in addition to playing on a league team 2 nights a week. The season will include 3-6 weekends over the course of the season. The tournament players will not all play equal time and based on the numbers of players on a tournament team, a “core / rotation” system may be used. Tournament families are expected to complete volunteer requirements for both league as well as additional volunteer requirements for tournament team participation.

Initial tournament player fees for 2021 are as follows:

Softball 8U                           $50

Softball 10U-12U             $100

Softball 14U*-18U           $150

*14U and up Tournament Softball Players will not participate in the 5th - 8th grade weekly league.  There will be separate practices and games for the 14U Tournament players.  

Softball Tournament Team ages are based on the players age as of January 1st.

Suburban Athletics provides an equal $ amount to each tournament team to help cover the entry fees of the tournaments. Uniforms and entry fees not covered by the amount provided by Suburban and the tournament player fee can be covered by tournament sponsors or donations obtained by the tournament team itself.

Softball tournaments are held on weekends throughout summer in the surrounding communities. 8U will play a minimum of 3 weekend tournaments. 10U, 12U and 14U will play a minimum of 5 weekend tournaments. 16U and 18U tournaments are dependent on the roster.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you have to register for league if you’re registering for a tournament team?  It’s age dependent if you have to register/play in league.  For girls 12U & under, it is required that you register for league in order to register for tournament.  This year, registrations are separate.  Registration links are on the Home Page of the website. 
  • What options are available for girls older than 12U?  
    • Monday Night Softball League (located in league registration link on Home Page) is a league that plays a doubleheader 8 weeks in the summer & practices on Wednesday nights.  This team plays against other Fox Valley teams.  This league is for current Freshman through Juniors, and open to those students attending Neenah High School, St. Mary’s and Fox Valley Lutheran.  The # of players registered and coaches to determine if & how many teams there will be for this league.  Refunds will be issued if there isn’t enough.
    • 14U – 18U tournament teams (located in tournament player registration link) are traditional tournament teams that play weekend tournaments in the summer, in the past we have sometimes had teams at these levels and others (due to numbers) have not.  This is all determined on the number of players registered by the due date.  If there aren’t enough to field a team, refunds will be issued.  Parents will be informed if there are not enough to meet the number of players/team as soon as the organization/commissioner knows.
  • Where do I find information if my daughter is interested in playing for an 8U tournament team?  In the league registration (located on Home Page), if you daughter is 8 & Under as of January 1st – a question will come up if she would be interested in tournament team.  Mark YES or NO in this registration.  The commissioner will be monitoring the # of players who have marked YES.  If there is a coach at this level and enough players to make a team (will be determined shortly after registration deadline), more information will be e-mailed out to the interested parents/players by the commissioner or head coach.
  • What if I am interested in coaching?  Please e-mail if you are interested and the level you are interested in coaching.  We need coaches!  There are opportunities for tournament, league including assistant coaching needs.  We appreciate all who volunteer and the players do too!
  • What does my child need for the season?  Girls will be provided with a league shirt (grades 1-8). Girls will need their own batting helmet, glove, and face mask. Cleats are helpful. Sliding is enforced, so we recommend the girls wear pants or sliding shorts/sliding pads.
  • What will be my commitment as a parent to work in concession stands?  All 3rd-8th grade league teams will be expected to cover shifts at the O’Hauser Park Concession when you play on Strohmeyer Field. Each team will be responsible to get parents to cover those shifts. Failure to provide parent volunteers on your scheduled day may result in forfeiture of the game.
SUBURBAN ATHLETICS IS COMPLETELY RUN BY VOLUNTEERS, including coaches and board members.
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