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Looking Forward to a Fun Filled 2024 Baseball and Softball Season

Hello Baseball fans and future umpires! 

Questions?  Reach out to Tim Reitzner, Umpire Coordinator at 920 213 1839

Umpire Game Scheduling Process will use the DIBS scheduling process like we used in previous years.

Click here to learn more about the Umpire Scheduling Process with DIBS. Please register once open so I know who is interested in Umpiring, this will allow me to develop an email distribution list.

Next Steps

Once you register:

  • Plan on attending the Umpire Clinic - May 5, 2024, 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm at O'Hauser Park
  • At the conclusion of the Umpire Clinic you will receive an umpire shirt, brush and pitch counter.
  • An Email will be sent out once the schedules have been published and set up in the DIBs tab of
  • Please review the Umpire Game Scheduling Process info to familiarize yourself on how to sign up to umpire games.

Batter Up!


Eligibility Requirements to Umpire
  • Age 13 or older by start of season
  • Not playing in league you umpire
  • You must be able to:
    1. Attend Umpire Training
    2. Physically handle umpire duties
    3. Work games committed to or find a replacement
    4. Utilize on-line DIBS scheduling site to reserve games you will work
    5. Parents are encouraged to sign up and train as an umpire as well. Parent and child umpire combo teams are a great way to bond and earn some money while helping Suburban Athletics, the kids, and all our families
Key Dates
  • Umpire Clinic - May 5, 2024, 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm at O'Hauser Park
  • 2024 Season
    • Baseball league games are primarily played on Monday/Wednesday with start times between 5pm and 7pm
    • Girls softball league games are primarily played& on Tuesday/Thursday with start times between 5pm and 7pm
  • Weekend Games
    • May 11: Opening Day
    • July 19-20: Softball EOY tournament (Ages 9-14)
    • July 26-27: Baseball EOY tournament

Strike Zone Guideline

The strike zone reference is to be used for youth umpires as a guide when behind the plate


A= no runners on base B= runner on 1st only C=runner on 2nd or runners on 1st and 2nd D=any time there is a runner on 3rd

Large Field Positions

The following are the four positions for the base umpire working:

The base umpire’s initial position depends upon which bases
have runners

No runners: About 15 feet beyond 1st base and in foul territory. (A)

A runner only on 1 st base: About 20 feet inside 1 st base and
several steps outside of the baseline. This positions you behind
and to the left side of the 2nd baseman). (B)

A runner on 2 nd or on 1 st and 2 nd : Several steps behind and to
the left of the shortstop. (C)

A runner on 3 rd : Several steps behind and to the right of the
shortstop. (D)

In any of these positions, be careful not to block the outfielders
view and not to be in the way of any player reacting to the ball.

To be in the best position to see a play, you more than likely
will have to move often and quickly. You want to keep all of
the play’s elements (the ball, the runner, the fielder and the
base) in front of you. On any infield hits, stay on the outside of
the base lines. On any balls hit to the outfield, move inside the
base lines. This is called the “Inside-Out” set-up. You may need
to use the button hook move, where you run to the desired
location and quickly turn to face the play. Your path will look
like a button hook or like the letter “J”.

On a force play, stay a minimum of 15 feet from where the play
will happen and at a right angle to where the ball is coming
from. Follow the ball with your eyes until the fielder releases
the throw, and then concentrate on the base that the runner
and the fielder needs to tag. Use your peripheral vision with the
sound of the ball hitting the glove to be an indicator of the ball
arriving before or after the runner. Take a second to be sure
that the fielder maintained control and that the foot was not
pulled early. When you are sure of your decision, make the call.
On a tag play, set up 15 feet from where the play will happen
and at a right angle to the runner’s path. As the runner and the
ball near the tag area, move in closer to about 10-12 feet
away. If the tag is made before the runner reaches base, make
sure the fielder maintains control of the ball before making your
decision and call.

On any hit to the infield, the base umpire should take the first
throw unless it is to the plate.

On base hits or routine fly balls, get to the infield quickly and
button hook to get a good look at the play that will be made.
The “base” umpire is also responsible to call whether or not:
   *a runner takes a lead too soon
   *a check swing was actually a swing
   *a pitcher throws an illegal pitch.

You may also be asked to help out with the count on a batter.

Umpire Pay for 2024 League Games

Plate Ump Base Ump
9/10 Boys Baseball $20 $15
3rd-5th Grade Girls Softball $20 $15
5th-8th Grade Girls Softball $25 $20
  1. Umpires are paid after the game by the home team
  2. Umpires are not paid for full games rained out.  (Partial games played and rained out are paid)

Umpire Schedule Expectations

  1. Arrive to the field 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start. Many coaches, players, and families are counting on you to start their game on time.
  2. If you are going to be late for the scheduled start time of the game, switch with someone that can be there on time.
  3. If you know you cannot work a game you are scheduled for in the future, you have until Thursday at 5pm each week to remove yourself from the Dibs online schedule for the next week's games (week is Monday to Sunday).
  4. After Thursday at 5pm each week, if you are unable to be at a scheduled game the upcoming week it is your responsibility to find a replacement.
  5. If you have 2 no-shows or 3 late arrivals, you will be removed from the schedule for the remainder of the season.

Keep in Mind

  • Be responsible and accountable (i.e., show up for games you are scheduled to work)
  • Pay attention to the game and make sure you are doing your job correctly and with enthusiasm
  • Work in a professional manner.
  • Be dedicated and have the self-control necessary to meet the job requirements
  • Be honest and accurate to the best of your ability
  • Communicate clearly and decisively when making play decisions
  • Work cooperatively with the Head Coach of each team
  • Dress appropriately and bring necessary job equipment to scheduled games (Clicker, plate brush)
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Follow the youth umpire rules as learned in the umpire clinic

Thank you for helping the season be successful.