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You're A Role Model

It doesn't matter if you're coaching tee ball or coaching at the college level, you're probably the most important role model that your players have during the season. Players are going to look to you not only for guidance and instruction, but they will be watching and listening to how you react to every situation. Each coach needs to realize that a coach can be one of the most influential people in a young players life. Many players and former players attribute a large portion of their success in life to the things they learned on the baseball field and from a few great coaches. We're not talking about fielding ground balls, or how to hit; we're talking about teamwork, perseverance, work ethic, having a positive attitude, to just name a few. Skills that not only helped them on the baseball field but helped them in life.

Avoiding Arm Injuries

Article with interview of Dr. James Andrews discussing how year-round baseball at a young age is a top risk factor in future Tommy John surgeries.

Avoiding Arm Injuries

Avoiding Arm Injuries with Dr. James Andrews

Letter to Parents

This a letter that Mike Matheny (St. Louis Cardinals Manager) sent to his parents when he was coaching a youth baseball team.  This is an excellent example of how a youth team should be run and how the adults involved should act

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